Sahlgrenska Hospital, Radiology Department

Stockholm Central Station, an early morning, people are hurrying past. I move through and alongside the stream of commuters.
Marsfjället in late summer, I hold my hand in the cold water, feeling the stream that rushes between my fingers. The water creates small whirls of life during its journey down the mountain. Life is full of these transient encounters, I carry them in my thoughts. I stay with the sensations and keep them as memories that can be recollected when life needs some anchorage.
To undergo a process of change is often painful, sometimes it is even unbearable. To change means to challenge that which we think we have achieved, yet change is the actual underpinning to life. In the piece Streams, I have made connections to those streams of life that surround me. Through these human encounters we can offer our experiences and share them with other people and thereby become part of a larger social context.
Water and life; the water that gushes forth is both tender and violent. A beach, a forest or a small brook, probably all of us have places that we readily return to when we need to reflect and get some perspective on our own existence.


The wave

Sofas and armchairs

In Streams I want to make a connection between the design and the function of the location, through allusion to a classical furniture shape. The wave is built upon a padded wooden framework that has been covered with a tapestry in a turqoise shade.
The fabric is woven through the use of a computer controlled Jacquard loom with a binding pattern that, apart from creating a tonal range from light to dark, gives a texture and a pattern that can be found within the tapestry when viewed close up.
To emphasise particular details within the image, I have in some places also embroided coloured sections by hand.There is a faster and lighter stream that is placed above the great wave structure.
It is sculpted in light birchwood and softly attached like an upholstery button.