Petter Hellsing
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 39, 118 50 Stockholm
Studio: När Hallbjänne 545, 623 48 Stånga, Gotland
+46 (0)73 565 83 83

Petter Hellsing brings landscapes and materials to life through his tapestry weaves. Wool, wood, and human hands merge in his work, blurring the lines between creator and creation. Hellsing's art is an attempt to restore a lost connection between humans and nature, and to address the conflict between humans and an increasingly unwilling world. Through his craftsmanship, he invites us to understand the world through our hands.
Based on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea, Hellsing uses locally sourced wool to forge a direct bond with the landscape and its people. His international exhibitions, including showcases in China and New York, have cemented his presence in the global art scene.

Petter Hellsing's art breathes life into our world, emphasizing the deep relationship between humanity and the environment.