Under arbete, Konstakademien sal öst Öppnar 31 nov 2024

31 november 2024 till 18 januari 2025
Aklause 2024
Picture surfaces/carpets in the larger format. 350 x 600 cm. Uncolored wool in the natural colors of the lambs. Hand-spun. Weaving for an upcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

In my work, I explore craftsmanship as a way to connect with the landscape, people, animals, and plants. In exhibitions and projects, I highlight the craft's experience of being in relation to a material. In spatial installations, I have also experimented with horizontal picture surfaces in the form of carpets. I have long been drawn to the craft's relational nature, where objects become part of daily life. With the carpets, I aim to create spaces, large picture surfaces that the viewer literally steps into. So far, I have worked in smaller formats, but now I have acquired a carpet loom with a weaving width of four meters. This format provides entirely new possibilities to take over the room and create a space that can be perceived with all senses.

The loom is from the 1930s and has previously belonged to Elsa Gullberg (1886-1984).