Site-specific installation in the subway statin Östermalmstorg Stockholm
Photographic wallpaper, floor lamp with photo, embroidered pillows, armchair.
Through the installation “Fire” I want to touch the beauty and pain of presence and bring together some of life’s contradictions.
We all come to a point where death ceases to be abstract and becomes part of life. One source of inspiration for my work has been the area around Söderby hospital, an old sanatorium located in my neighbourhood which has been abandoned for many years.
On a small hilltop there is an old house, where the head of the hospital once lived.
The old building has been damaged by fire and snow and rain have found their way in through the demolished roof.
The house is a hangout for kids and homeless people, but you can still see traces of an upper class life, in the parquet floor and a magnificent open fireplace. Memories of places and people that link me to the past and the future. I move around in these traces of other peoples lives, their order. Patterns that break apart into smaller and smaller fragments and finally cease to exist.


FASett- a show window
a change over exhibition of Fiberartsweden
10 April 2003 - 17 October 2004